THE FE-1000

The Financial Express comes out with a yearly magazine called the FE-1000 which was modified last year from FE-500. This Magazine lists the top 1000 companies across all sectors on the basis of Net Revenue and Market Cap. Unlike ET 500 which focuses on the top 500 companies in the country, FE-1000 goes a bit further and also gives credit to those rising underdogs that deserve our attention. There are two top 1000 lists, one by Net Revenues and the other by Market Cap. The first list gives importance to the Growth in Net Revenues and profits whereas the other gives importance to Market Cap and Efficiency Ratios. Although both lists are have an interesting mix of companies, I believe the first list is the one which everyone should have a look at who are looking for growing companies which have to potential to do well. There are a lot of companies in this list which i did not have an eye on. But after this list, I have a close watch on these relatively unknown stocks who have shown impressive growth.

So here is the list of top 1000 companies of FE-1000, the perfect place for anyone to start looking for good strong Companies to research on.

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